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The Beginning

Dr Griger Cherry Williams who is the founder as well as chief physician of Bethniya clinic came to the field of functional medicine quite accidentally. He has completed his MD General Medicine and previously worked at Govt Medical college Ernakulam. Mr C.C. Babu who was a patient of Dr Griger was diagnosed to have coronary artery disease (CAD) with triple vessel disease. He advised the patient to consult a cardiac surgeon for coronary artery bypass grafting. But Mr Babu ended up in a chelation centre instead of undergoing the bypass surgery. He requested Dr Griger to talk to Dr C.P Mathew who was the Senior Consultant at that chelation centre. Dr Griger met Dr C.P Mathew and has excited hearing the miraculous recoveries made my many of his patients. He in turn made a thorough search over the internet and learnt in detail about chelation therapy. Meanwhile he also completed part 1 training from American college for advancement in medicine (ACAM). This led to the humble beginning of Bethaniya Clinic as a functional medicine centre at Athani, Thrissur.

Our Philosophy

Even though conventional medicine advanced a lot in terms of diagnostic accuracy/treatment options, still lot of people suffer from persistent ill health. Most of the time people tend to neglect the importance of nutrition in health and disease, and eat according to their convenience and taste. Heavy metal accumulation, excessive free radical damage, lack of protective nutrients in diet etc contribute to many degenerative disorders. We try to integrate the knowledge of conventional medicine, nutrition, orthomolecular medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga etc to provide best solution for various health issues faced by our patients. Many of our major health issues like Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiac disorders can be better managed using a functional medicine approach in a more cost effective manner.


To integrate and deliver best medical service to the people who suffer from ill health.


To become the most trusted functional medicine clinic, where people can find solution for their chronic unresolved health issues.

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