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Refusing to tread the conventional path, we emphasize on natural treatment through which a patient can derive long-term benefits. Our intention is not to offer quick-fix solutions to complex health issues but to treat it in the most effective manner without resorting to any compromises.

Chelation Therapy in Kerala, India - EDTA Chelation Therapy, Thrissur

Chelation therapy involves administration of a chelation agent like EDTA along with multivitamins as multiple intravenous infusions. Drinking polluted water, use of pesticides, air pollution etc increases the level of …

Diabetes Treatment in Thrissur, Kerala - Alternative Treatment for Diabetes, Kerala

We all know Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder. But how many of us believe Diabetes can be reversed through lifestyle changes? During my practice, I have seen many patients paying …

IV Vitamin C Treatment in Kerala - IV Nutritional Therapy

Vitamin C was suggested for use in cancer since 1950. Cancer patients are often deficient in Vitamin C (Riordan, et al;2005). Vitamin deficiency in cancer patients is due to reduced …

Weight Loss Treatment in Thrissur - Natural Treatment for Weight Loss in Kerala

At Bethaniya Clinic, we believe in a holistic approach to weight loss which includes intermittent fasting, diet changes , exercise and mind body techniques(yoga).

Alternative Treatment for Heart Blockage in Kerala - Chelation Therapy for Heart Block, India

The Renew heart program at Bethaniya clinic is a noninvasive holistic treatment program for coronary artery disease (blocks in the arteries of the heart). It consists of EECP treatment, EDTA …

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