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Top 7 Benefits of EECP Treatment

Oct. 30, 2023

Cardiovascular diseases are widespread globally, with many fatalities reported every year. Although recent breakthroughs in medical techniques have made it possible for certain afflictions to be relieved through operations, it is equally essential to investigate other therapies that do not require surgical treatment.

EECP treatment is one such breakthrough therapy. EECP is non-invasive in the management of angina and heart failure symptoms. Several clinical trials and practical applications demonstrate that this treatment offers a myriad of advantages worth proving their worth. In this article, we will explore the remarkable Benefits of EECP Treatment, shedding light on its potential to increase cardiovascular well-being and quality of life.

Key Benefits of EECP Treatment

Here are some potential benefits of EECP treatment:

1) Improve Exercise Tolerance:

Patients diagnosed with heart ailments find it exhausting and difficult to carry out regular activities. When they try to exert themselves physically, they become tired, out of breath, and uncomfortable. One of the primary benefits of EECP treatment is improved exercise tolerance. It can be a lifesaver for them under the EECP treatment.

Patients report increased exercise tolerance with regular EECP sessions. It helps in supplying more oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscles to enable them to function properly. As such, patients experience an increased ability to do exercises without strains, thus improving their total physique.

2) Reduces Work Rate of Heart Muscle:

Whenever there is distress in the heart, it is unable to pump blood easily to all parts of the body. The EECP helps in developing collateral circulations or natural bypasses around the blocked. In this way, it lowers the heart muscle's work rate.

The second stage of treatment, known as EECP, allows heart muscles to take it easy and not strain itself too much. Broadly, the treatment softens the heart so that it performs its functions easily and reduces the chances of developing complications as a result of the perpetually stressed heart muscle.

3) Reduce Chest Pain:

Angina is one of the most painful symptoms for a patient with heart disease. Angina is caused by blocked or narrowed arteries preventing sufficient oxygen supply to the heart muscles. It is critical to note that EECP helps to reduce or eliminate such pain.

The treatment enhances blood flow into the heart muscles so that they get enough oxygen. It is one of the greatest benefits of EECP treatment. In fact, many patients who undergo regular EECP sessions have reported a substantial decrease in the number of angina episodes, including their frequency and intensity.

4) Improve the Quality of Life:

Living with heart disease can be psychologically stressful. These can adversely affect a person's life in terms of pain, fatigue continuum and restrictions in performing daily activities. But EECP can be good for the person.

By treating multiple symptoms, EECP improves the heart's efficiency and enables patients to engage in activities that were previously challenging. The newfound freedom enhances not only their physical being but also their mental well-being. Mostly, EECP patients feel an improvement in moods, transforming to optimism, liveliness, and satisfaction with life. The benefits of EECP can continue for an extended period after completing the treatment course.

5) Reduce Shortness of Breath:

Heart patients also experience debilitating symptoms of shortness of breath. Improvement of the blood flow generally assists in relieving this symptom through EECP. All organs get an adequate oxygen supply, including the lungs, because of improved blood circulation. This subsequently decreases the shortness of breath, making it possible for the patients to participate in activities without becoming breathless fast.

6) Reduce Heart Failure Symptoms:

Heart failure can be described as the inability of the heart to pump blood effectively, which results in several symptoms such as fatigue, increased rate of heartbeat and continuing cough. This has made EECP therapy appear to be effective in treating these symptoms.

EECP creates a conducive environment for the heart to work, thus aiding in the reduction of heart failure symptoms. These can be considered the treatment's ability to enhance the flow of blood and lessen the load on the heart.

7) Reduces blood sugar level:

Often dubbed the "silent menace,Diabetes can lurk unnoticed, all while paving the way for serious health issues, including strokes and heart diseases. Adopting a healthier lifestyle, which encompasses a nutritious diet, consistent physical activity, and mindfulness practices, can be instrumental in taming this condition. While lifestyle changes are central, some individuals may also need medications. Keeping a regular check on one's blood sugar and seeking medical advice remains key to optimal heart health.

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Enhanced External Counter pulsation (EECP) treatment emerges as a beacon of hope for many heart patients seeking non-invasive relief from their symptoms. EECP finds extensive applications, which range from exercise tolerance and decreased heart failure symptoms. It speaks to the unswerving commitment of the medical community to seek out new ways of curing diseases, not only life-enhancing therapies.

Just like with all other medical procedures, patients should discuss with their cardiologists if EECP is suitable for them. However, EECP is arguably the most significant thing yet developed within heart care based on its many advantages and non-invasive nature.

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