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Type 2 Diabetes Treatment in Kerala - Natural Remedies & Alternative Treatments

We all know Diabetes is a life style disorder. But how many of us believe Diabetes can be reversed through life style changes? During my practice, I have seen many patients paying very little attention to lifestyle change advice given by doctors. Because most of the people prefer to lead a life, totally dependent on medication for managing blood sugar. This is purely due to lack of awareness. Research has shown that low calorie diet, plant based nutrition, low carbohydrate diet, Intermittent fasting etc. can reverse Diabetes in many people. But most of the time people find it difficult to strictly follow any of these principles and abandon their effort in between.

At Bethaniya clinic each patient will be carefully interviewed, examined and investigated before formulating a plan of care. We recommend a personalized care plan for our patients incorporating diet, Intermittent fasting, supplements, Exercise etc. which suits to their daily routine and food choice. It’s a proven fact that committed people can attain Diabetes reversal and remain free of medications.

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