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Alternative Treatment for Cancer in Kerala - Integrated Cancer Treatment

Integrative cancer medical care means treating/managing cancer with the help of any alternative treatment modality along with the standard practices. It mainly includes practices like Therapeutic diet and life style changes, Stress management, Detoxification, IV Vitamin C, IV nutrients, Ozone therapy, Herbal medicines, Hyperthermia, Supplements, Medicinal Cannabis etc. Standard care includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and biological therapy. Integrated cancer care is done along with standard practices. Mostly standard oncology practice is more focussed on the disease and frequently ignore the health of the patient. Functional medicines give more importance for regaining the health and thereby allowing our own body to fight the disease. Many small research studies have shown that an cancer care greatly improves the treatment outcome and quality of life especially in terminal cases.

Integrative Treatment for Cancer

Integrated/ alternative treatment for cancer in Kerala provided by Bethaniya Clinic considers all relevant alternative options for cancer. 

Integrated cancer treatment is done along with the shared perspective of standard care. The faith of the patient plays a prime role in the effectiveness of alternative treatment for cancer. Unlike in standard medical care the patient is actively involved in decision making while following an integrated treatment approach. Bethaniya Clinic provides the below methods of integrated cancer treatment in Kerala:

Who can Take this Treatment?

1.Terminal cancer cases for improving QOL
2.To increase the effect of conventional treatment along with chemotherapy
3.To prevent recurrence after completing the standard treatment 
4.As a preventive in patients with high risk of developing cancer.

Integrated Cancer Treatments - Bethaniya Clinic

At Bethaniya Clinic, we take a holistic approach to our treatments. Our integrative treatment for cancer is a compilation of various treatment methodologies including homeopathy, ozone therapy, medical cannabis treatment, yoga and meditation. Given below is the list of therapies we follow in integrative treatment for cancer.

1. Yoga & Meditation

Infusing yoga in the course of cancer can help the patients with body rejuvenation. It helps the body and mind to align themselves and create a synchronization that helps standard treatments to have better results. Role of mental stress is frequently overlooked while managing cancer through standard practice. Yoga and meditation can be great relief for such patients to realign their thoughts and emotions. Yoga will help in reducing anxiety, depression, stress, and fatigue which are repercussions of intensive cancer treatment. 

Yoga helps in bringing the fluctuations in the body to a reduced rate. Meditation brings in a unanimous culture of the body where every bodily function responds at a rhythm that prepares the body for the treatments and aids in better acceptance. Various clinical trials have suggested the fact that yoga directly impacts and helps relieve mental distress caused by sleeping disorders, depression, etc. 

Breathing exercises can help the patient to build self-awareness of the body. It helps create an equilibrium with the emotional and mental balance of the body. Attempting yoga with specifics can help patients to minimize the potential risks associated with the disease and help in better mobility. 

2. Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is an alternative treatment for cancer that has gained popularity in the recent past. 
It is being practiced in many countries like Germany,Spain,Russia,China,Cuba,Indonesia for  few decades with great success.The process of ozone therapy works in the body by infusing trioxygen into the blood and recirculating it through the bloodstream.

A healthy body can renew and regenerate itself regularly. Hampering of the bodily processes due to an unhealthy lifestyle and an increase in the number of toxins in the body leads to impairment of bodily functions. This leads to a lack of oxygen required for the cells and rise to chronic diseases like cancer. 

Ozone therapy helps increase oxygen in the body which equips the body to charge up and fight diseases. It helps in reducing the symptoms of inflammation in the cells of the body. Cancer flourishes in a low-oxygen environment; moderate antioxidative boosts can help with the supply of oxygen and ultimately help in the elimination of those cancerous cells. 

There are different methods through which ozone therapy can be performed on individuals:
Major Autohemotherapy: The blood of the patient is taken and infused with ozone – oxygen mixture and then recirculated back into the body. 
Rectal ozone: About 150-200ml ozone oxygen mixture is collected in  bag and slowly given through anus like an enema.This is especially useful in detoxing the liver.
Insufflation: Inducing ozone gas through different cavities of the body like the nose, ear, etc. sinusitis, lung infection, ear infection etc 
Direct Injection: Narrowing down the exact area by the physician can be directly subjective to injection with trioxygen for maximum effectiveness.This is done foe localised pain management.

3. High Dose Vitamin C

Vitamin C has an anti-cancer potential when administered with the right dosage to patients. Vitamin C has been effective in reversing the effect of life-threatening inflammatory diseases. 

The popping of Vitamin C pills seldom affects the cancer treatment; medicine taken through the mouth stops its functioning after a certain level of build up. This is where the IV treatment of Vitamin C comes into place. The IV of vitamin C can overcome the levels of the digestive system and circumvent the regulation of Vitamin C levels. 

The aggravated levels of Vitamin C in the body can help in the shrinking cancer cells of aggressive tumors like ovarian, pancreatic, brain, Liver, colon  etc. 

4. Supplements

Introducing supplements into the cancer treatment can help in boosting the immunity levels and helps in easing out the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Supplements have to be taken after careful consideration with the doctor. Enhancing the immune system will help in destroying the cancerous skills. Taking in green tea, garlic, fibrous fruits, and vegetables can help in the overall health of a human being. It is extremely necessary to stay healthy while taking the arduous treatments related to cancer. 

5. Life Style and  Diet Changes

Having a diet with fruits and vegetables can help lower cancer rates. Vegetables have phytochemicals that can protect the cells from damage. They have the benefits of being anti-inflammatory as well. Fibre-rich foods have the ability to prevent prospective chances of breast cancer. Avoiding meat, fish, milk and eggs and eating a vegetarian organic diet rich in coloured fruits,vegetables, nuts and seeds with intermittent fasting has helped many patients to overcome cancer as well as other chronic diseases. Nutritional requirements of the patien will be always taken care while prescribing the diet.
The patient should also involve in mild to moderate aerobic exercises as much as their health permits. Daily 10-15 sunlight exposure is also necessary. The patient should have a support group which consists of relatives or similar patients who can be of support to him. It is always better to ensure the patient is having good level of socialisation.

6. Medicinal Cannabis

Our body has got endocannabinoid system with its receptors spread through out our body.There are some endocannabinoid molecules like 2AG and Anandamide produced by the body and act on these receptors to maintain the homeostasis in the balance.We encounters diseases when this balance is lost.Cannabis contain mainly 2 phytocannabinoids named CBD and THC which are responsible for most of its action.CBD is anti-inflammatory but non psychoactive, While THC is psychoactive and neuroprotectice.Cannabis preparation containing CBD and THC in various proportions are highly beneficial in managing cancer related symptoms as well as cancer itself.They are case reorts which shows cannabis alone has brought regression in many cancer cases.

Why Bethaniya Clinic for Alternative Cancer Treatment in Kerala?

Bethaniya Clinic runs the forefront in giving non-conventional treatments related to cancer. We helps our patient to fight this disease utilising all the available means and provide compassionate care.  Here the treatment approach is purely patient centric and patient/relatives are always involved in making treatment decisions. We are open to all medical sciences which is likely to be beneficial for the patient. The treatments are under the supervision of Dr. Griger Cherry Williams, an eminent physician. Bethaniya Clinic focuses on providing high-quality treatment, keeping in mind the requirements of our patients.

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