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Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment in Kerala - Bethaniya Clinic

Diabetic Neuropathy is a complicated medical condition that arises due to Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. If you are a diabetic patient and have high blood sugar levels, you are prone to this ailment. Normally the problem happens over a period, which may be as long as a decade. Chelation and nutritional methods for diabetic neuropathy treatment in Kerala can be pursued to reduce the severity of the condition and curing the issue at the root level. Proper monitoring of blood sugar level along with diet control and nutritional support is imperative to prevent diabetic neuropathy. The illness can affect any part of the body. Consequently, the symptoms also will vary. Bethaniya Clinic offers proven integrated nutritional treatment for diabetic neuropathy.   Consult us today to discuss the course of treatment for diabetic neuropathy.

Symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy

The symptoms of diabetic neuropathy will depend on the area affected. The doctor will ascertain the severity and the body part subjected to the problem from the symptoms. We have been treating patients with this ailment for long, inscribing our name among the best medical centres for diabetic neuropathy treatment in Kerala.

Let’s see the common symptoms associated with diabetic neuropathy. 

  • Loss of Touch Sensation – You may lose the sense of touch in some areas, as this medical complication affects the nervous system
  • Needle Prick Sensation – This is one of the initial symptoms every patient with high blood sugar level must watch out for. The needle prick pain occurring on feet may indicate diabetic neuropathy. 
  • Numbness – Numbness, mainly on hands and feet, can be indicative of diabetic neuropathy. Although the same symptom is observed in patients with other medical problems, and other types of neurological disorders, an experienced doctor will identify the exact cause after examining the patient and necessary tests. 
  • Difficulty in Movements – Brain is the main control centre for all our activities including movement. The problem with the neurological system will affect hand and leg coordination, walking etc. 
  • Weakness in Muscles – The weakness in the muscle may tire you and make you incapable of different physical activities. 
  • Burning Sensation – Burning sensation during the night is another symptom of diabetic neuropathy.  
  • Giddiness – The patient may not be able to stand up due to postural drop in blood pressure.
  • Irregularities in Sweating – The patient may face excessive or decreased sweating.
  • Bladder Control Issues – Loss of bladder control is another symptom of diabetic neuropathy.

The other main symptoms include erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, vision problems, heart rate irregularities, and double vision. The course of integrated nutritional treatment for diabetic neuropathy will be determined after a thorough examination of the patient, including the severity of the medical ailment and physical condition of the patient. 

The panel of doctors at Bethaniya Clinic will embark on the treatment program only after studying the symptoms and lab test reports. We ensure that the patient regains health and finds a rejuvenated life subsequent to treatment at our clinic. 

Causes of Diabetic Neuropathy

The basic reason that can cause diabetic neuropathy is high blood sugar levels for an extended period. People, who are careless about controlling the diabetic conditions, can face this medical problem. It is advisable to monitor blood glucose level constantly and observe for any symptoms. 

Bethaniya Clinic would be one of the best  treatment centres for diabetic neuropathy in Kerala based on its unique approach to treatment. The doctors at our clinic will examine the patient, including the medical condition, familial history, the severity of diabetic neuropathy and other relevant aspects prior to preparing the treatment program. The care and perfection in formulating the course of integrated nutritional treatment and the proven result percentage make us the best centre for diabetic neuropathy treatment in Kerala. 

The cause of diabetic neuropathy are:

  1. High sugar level for a prolonged period
  2. High cholesterol level and the subsequent clogging/ damage to blood vessels
  3. Lack of nutrition
  4. Excessive smoking and alcoholism
  5. Improper diet

Bethaniya Clinic – Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment in Kerala

Bethaniya clinic has been treating patients with different medical problems for a long time. The panel of expert doctors led by Dr Griger Cherry Williams will study the patient and prepare customized treatment methods to heal the ailment at the root level. Focusing on the complete removal of the disease and associated symptoms, as well as, overall improvement in the health of the patient, the clinic has become one of the most chosen clinics for treatment for different medical problems.

We follow a systematic and proven methodology for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy. This has been proven effective in the past. Thus making Bethaniya Clinic one of the leading diabetic neuropathy treatment centres in Kerala. 

We deploy various integrated treatment methods like EDTA chelation, ozone treatment, I.V nutritional therapies, herbal medicine, supplements etc to regain the health of our patients. The treatment plan for each patient will be decided only after detailed evaluation. Many patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcer, infection, gangrene etc secondary to diabetic Neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease  can be treated effectively and amputations can be avoided in most cases.  We advise you to consult us if you are having any of the symptoms  mentioned here. To identify the root cause of the symptom and undergo treatment at the earliest. 

To discuss diabetic neuropathy treatment with our professionals, and book an appointment, contact us now. 

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