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Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment - PAD Treatment in Kerala

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) is also known as Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD). It has an undeniable relationship with the lifestyle we follow. Lack of physical activity, Smoking, and a stressful job schedule can lead to this medical condition. We have been undertaking Peripheral Artery Disease treatment in Kerala for many years. A judiciously prepared and meticulously pursued integrated treatment approach is essential in healing PVD or PAD. You can talk to our doctors concerning the PAD treatment at our clinic in Thrissur. They will guide you in detail about the process and the way we ensure assured results. We advise you to consider checking our PVD treatment without surgery. Rather than opting for surgical correction and facing subsequent complications.

Causes of Peripheral Artery Disease

As we have said in the introductory paragraphs, lifestyle has an undeniable role in causing PVD. People nowadays are busy with work. They face unfathomable tension, stress and workload. Consequently, they don’t find time to work out and depend on junk foods. The result may be diseases including PVD. The Peripheral Artery Disease treatment in Kerala will involve dietary, physical, and medical prescriptions. Thereby, eliminating the disease from the roots.

The most common causes of PVD are:

  • Smoking – Smoking can cause different medical problems including PVD/ PAD. Tobacco must be avoided to have a healthy body.
  • Dyslipidemia – The high density of lipids in blood can cause PVD. The triglycerides, cholesterol, and/or fat phospholipids level can increase beyond acceptable limits due to lifestyle and diet, causing PVD/ PAD.
  • Diabetes – Diabetes is another cause of PVD. People with Diabetes Mellitus can consult us if they observe any of the symptoms mentioned above. To affirm the reason for the symptom and undergo treatment accordingly.  
  • High Blood Pressure – High BP or Hypertension is also observed to be a reason for PVD. It is also observed that many of the symptoms of PVD are correlated. 
  • Hereditary – Persons with familial history of PVD can have this medical problem. Therefore, we will be analysing the patient’s family medical history before prescribing the treatment. It is essential to confirm the cause of the issue for curing PVD effectively. 
  • Vascular Disease or Heart Attack – Persons who have vascular disease or had a heart attack are prone to PVD, as their blood circulation may not be regular.  
  • Obesity – A body condition that can cause not only PVD but also other problems. People employed in the IT field or office jobs in multinational companies are observed to be prone to obesity due to long hours of sitting and improper dietary timings. 

Symptoms of Peripheral Vascular Disease

The symptoms of PVD are common in nature. It means that the same symptoms could be observed in other physical ailments also. You must consult us to confirm the reasons for the symptoms to ascertain that you have Peripheral Vascular Disease/ Peripheral Arterial Disease or any other medical condition. 

PVD causes an inadequate supply of blood to lower limbs. This will lead to symptoms or difficulties due to lack of oxygen in body cells. 

The symptoms of PVD are:

  1. Pain – Muscular pain is one of the most common symptoms of PVD. It can remain consistent in the affected areas.
  2. Weakness – Oxygen is essential for body cells. Once the blood supply is reduced, it will lead to weakness in the muscles of limbs. PAD treatment without surgery aims at removing the choking of the arteries and making the blood circulation smooth. 
  3. Numbness – The person may feel numbness in the areas affected with PAD. The doctor will study the reason for numbness before commencing the Peripheral Artery Disease treatment in Kerala. 
  4. Cramping – Frequent cramping in the limbs is indicative of inadequate blood flow due to various reasons, including PVD. 
  5. Foot Ulcers – Appearance of foot ulcers that may not heal.
  6. Wounds – Wounds may appear in the PVD affected body parts. It may take some time to heal. In most of the cases, the wounds may not heal at all, without medication and treatment. 
  7. Blue Tinges – The limb affected with PVD will display a blue tinge. It indicates the absence of oxygen in the cells. Our doctors, the most expert lot in PAD treatment in Kerala, will prescribe a combination of medicines, dietary regulations, and physical activities to eliminate the problem. 

Bethaniya Clinic - Peripheral Vascular Disease Treatment in Kerala

Bethaniya Clinic offers great medical treatments for different medical problems and diseases including Peripheral Vascular Disease. Led by prominent medical expert Dr. Griger Cherry Wiliams MBBS, MD(General Medicine), we provide effective alternatives to surgical corrections in most of the cases. 

Our expert panel of doctors will examine the patient thoroughly prior to suggesting the course of treatment. The medical history, physical condition, familiar peculiarities will be checked. Lab tests may be prescribed to ascertain the condition in-depth. The treatment prescribed subsequently will be ensuring not only curing of the disease but also overall rejuvenation of the person.

We have been practising Peripheral Artery Disease treatment in Kerala for years. Our clinic is located in Thrissur. And our methodology for treatment for PVD includes dietary regulations, physical activities, nutritional therapy, detoxification through EDTA chelation, stress management techniques, EECP treatment, etc. The comprehensive treatment process has been proven effective in managing PVD without surgery most of the time.

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