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PRP for Hair Growth

PRP treatment for hair growth is a new and exciting development in the world of hair loss. PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is derived from the patient's own blood and contains high levels of growth factors that can promote healing and regeneration. PRP for hair growth is effective in both men and women. PRP treatment is a simple and quick outpatient procedure that takes about 30 minutes to complete. PRP treatment may be worth considering if you are struggling with hair loss. Bethaniya Clinic has a team of experts who offers PRP for hair to help you grow new hair and get rid of excessive hair loss. PRP injection for hair can trigger natural hair growth by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle and maintaining the hair shaft's thickness. Contact us now to get plasma hair treatment in Kerala.

Steps involved in PRP treatment

The PRP for hair is a procedure that consists of three stages. The plasma hair treatment typically entails three sessions spaced out by four to six weeks from one another.

The recommended maintenance schedule calls for plasma hair every 4 to 6 months.

Step 1: A sample of your blood is extracted, most commonly from your arm, and then placed in a centrifuge, 

Step 2: There will be three distinct layers of blood after around 10 minutes in the centrifuge:

  • platelet-poor plasma
  • red blood cells
  • platelet-rich plasma

Step 3: A syringe is used to collect the platelet-rich plasma, which is subsequently injected into the scalp in places where new hair growth is desired. 

Success rate of PRP treatment for hair growth

The success rate of PRP treatment for hair growth is quite high. In fact, many people have reported significant hair growth after just a few treatments. While the exact mechanism by which plasma hair treatment works is not completely understood, it is thought to stimulate new hair growth by increasing blood flow and nutrients to the hair follicles. Additionally, PRP for hair contains a number of growth factors that can promote the proliferation of cells and help to repair damaged tissue. Even though PRP for hair is still considered to be experimental by modern medicine, the results so far have been very promising. 

Injecting 2 to 3 cubic centimetres of PRP into the scalp every two weeks for three months has been shown to raise the average number of follicles from 71 to 93 units in a 2014 research of 11 persons with androgenic alopecia (Trustworthy Source). 

Research from 2015 suggests there were increases in hair count, hair thickness, and hair root strength in a Trusted Source of 10 patients who received PRP injections for hair every 2 to 3 weeks for three months. This research lends credence to the results of previous studies on PRP injection for hair and balding.

A 6-month study conducted in 2019 examined the results of two groups of people who had used different hair treatments. Twenty people in each group received injections of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), while the other twenty used minoxidil (Rogaine). Thirty participants completed the trial, and PRP was found to be more effective than Rogaine in preventing and treating hair loss. However, the study also discovered that one's platelet count could influence the efficacy of one's own plasma in treating hair loss. If your blood platelet count is low, PRP hair treatment may not work as well for you.

Why Choose Bethaniya Clinic for PRP treatment for hair growth?

Bethaniya Clinic is one of the leading clinics in Kerala that offers PRP for hair growth. The plasma hair treatment is a revolutionary new way to achieve fuller, thicker hair without surgery or medication. Bethaniya Clinic offers a free consultation to all patients considering PRP treatment for hair growth. During this consultation, our experienced staff will assess your individual needs and help you decide if this treatment is right for you. We also address health issues contributing to your hair loss. Adding the right nutrients through diet and supplements greatly enhance the outcomes of PRP hair treatment. We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident in their appearance, and we are dedicated to helping our patients achieve their goals. If you are looking for PRP injection for hair growth, Bethaniya Clinic would be the ideal spot to get the best treatment. 

Contact us today to schedule your consultation for PRP for hair growth in Kerala.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can PRP be used to revive hair follicles?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) contains growth factors that promote hair regeneration by binding to receptors expressed on stem cells in the hair follicle bulge and neighbouring tissues.

2) Is PRP an improved substitute for minoxidil?

Conclusion: PRP was more successful than minoxidil due to faster and better responses and a significant reduction in short vellus hair, yellow patches, and dystrophic hair in the PRP group.

3) What is the average rate of hair growth after PRP treatment?

PRP hair regeneration results are seen in as little as four to six weeks. It may take up to 3.5 months before you get the desired effects, though.

4) Can PRP really help hair grow thicker?

Evidence suggests that platelets, which contain a high concentration of growth factors, can stimulate the growth of new hair, restore thickness to thinning hair, and improve the success of hair transplants.

5) Can I brush my hair after PRP?

Don't put anything on your hair for at least 6 hours after getting a treatment.

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