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Weight Loss Treatment in Thrissur - Natural Treatment for Weight Loss in Kerala

At Bethaniya Clinic, we believe in a holistic approach to weight loss which includes intermittent fasting, diet changes , exercise and mind body techniques(yoga).

Weight loss program

At Bethaniya Clinic, we believe in a holistic approach to weight loss which includes intermittent fasting, diet changes , exercise and mind body techniques(yoga).

Usually people gain excess weight due to one or more of the below mentioned factors.

  1. Excess calorie intake
  2. Sluggish metabolism
  3. Hormonal imbalance
  4. Constant stress
  5. Poor sleep

All patients will be interviewed to understand their expectations, physical issues, stress level, sleep pattern, likes and dislikes about food and an individualized program will be worked out which suits their choice of food as well as occupation. A detailed investigation also will be carried out to understand any underlying cause of obesity like hypothyroidism, Cushing syndrome, PCOD, etc. Usually, people respond quickly to our protocol and also achieve enormous health benefits in addition to weight loss. Weight loss of approximately .5-1kg can be expected in the initial weeks and afterward, it becomes more gradual. For committed individuals, approximately 10 % weight loss is possible within a time frame of 3-4 months. Once trained, the protocol will be easy to follow and adjustments can be made yourself according to your weight goals.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting(IF) involves time restricted eating. Various patterns of IF include 16:8 fast,(restricting eating to a 8 hr interval in a day) alternate day fasting, 4:3 fasting( 24hr fast 3 days in a day) 5:2 fast,( normal eating for 5 days and calorie restricted eating for 2 days in a week). While we observe IF, glucose reserves will get exhausted over 12 hours and body will start utilizing stored fat for energy in the form of ketone bodies. Two recent trials have shown that 4:3 fasting was particularly useful for weight loss as well as reversing insulin resistance.

In addition to calorie restriction, intermittent fasting has effects on various hormones in our body which helps in weght loss. IF reduce the insulin level in the body, which promote the utilization of fat for energy production. Reduction in insulin levels also reduce the insulin resistance and promote the glucose control in diabetic individuals. Growth hormone levels increases exponentially during a fast. It helps in fat loss as well as muscle gain. Many body buiders make use of this principle by doing resistance training during fasting. Norepinephrine levels increase during a fast which boost the metabolism and aids in weight loss. Intermittent fasting brings about significant fat loss especially the belly fat. In addition to health benefits imparted through weight loss, recent research shows that IF prolong the life span and prevent cancer.

Diet Changes

We encourage our patients to follow either a low carbohydrate diet or plant-based nutrition considering their food choices. A low carbohydrate diet is particularly beneficial when taken along with intermittent fasting. A low carbohydrate diet restricts the intake of sugar, sweets, white flour, excess rice and processed food. Instead, we encourage patients to take complex carbohydrates, a lot of veggies, lean meat, oily fish, nuts, olive oil etc. Plant-based nutrition on the other hand involves avoiding meat, fish , egg, and diary from the food. This diet is of particular importance when patients are suffering from Coronary artery disease(CAD). Dr.Dean Ornish showed that a low fat plant-based diet can be helpful in reversing atherosclerotic plaques in people with established CAD.


We strongly recommend our patients to follow an exercise program which suits to their routine. A 30 minutes brisk walk 5 times a week is a simple and effective option for weight loss. Exercise boosts the mood and prevents many chronic diseases apart from imparting weight loss. Swimming, Cycling, Jogging, Weight training, etc are options that can be considered according to physical health as well as the personal choice of the individual.

Yoga and meditation

We recommend yoga and meditation for people who are under chronic mental stress. Besides burning calories, it has been shown that yoga can teach mindfulness, which helps you resist unhealthy foods, control overeating and understand hunger more avidly. Yoga also helps in improving the quality of sleep. Yoga nidra is a form of guided relaxation. People who practice this regularly get deep sleep and mindfulness.

Sleep Hygiene

Research found that people who sleep less than 6 hours a day experienced lesser weight loss even though they followed a good diet and exercise regime. Poor quality sleep has almost same metabolic effects like sleep deprivation. By following a good sleep hygiene, we can enhance the quality as well as duration of sleep.

It includes

  1. Avoiding coffee in the evening
  2. Avoid alcohol consumption just before going to bed.
  3. Avoid exposure to blue/bright light (Mobile,computer,TV screen) before bedtime and sleep in a dark room.
  4. Sleep in a calm room. Otherwise use ear plugs
  5. Follow a regular sleep/awake timing.
  6. Follow a pre sleep routine.


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