Tips to Lose Weight without Dieting

June 17, 2022

Obesity has turned into a common problem in this new world. Increase in people opting for white-collar jobs, wherein they will be sitting for long hours has been the predominant reason for the same. High stress they are subjected to, owing to deadlines, amplifies the probability of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and similar health concerns.

Losing weight without dieting may appear as if a mirage in such a scenario. However, it is not. People around the world have been benefited by strictly abiding by the tips we elaborate here. You can healthily reduce weight, which means without unhealthy diet control or fasting.

8 Tips to Lose Weight without Dieting

1. Never Skip Breakfast – “Breakfast is brain’s food”. Missing breakfast would be one of the unhealthiest things you can do. You are breaking the eight to ten long hours of fasting in the morning. Skipping that is as good as inviting health issues, including acidity and ulcer. Have a nutritious breakfast. For that will rejuvenate your body and energize you to function well during the day.

Never Skip Breakfast

2. Early Dinner – The later you consume dinner, the more the problem. It is healthier to complete dinner by 7.30 pm. So that it is digested before you go to bed. Otherwise, it will add up to the fat in the body. It will not take much time for you to turn obese. Another important point here is that avoid having a heavy dinner. Fresh fruits and fibre-rich vegetables are ideal for dinner. Such food items will digest easily, without burdening your body.

Early Dinner

3. Avoid Aerated Drinks – Avoid aerated, caffeinated, and alcoholic drinks as much as possible. Who can ignore that fizz, chill, and taste? You will be asking. We are not asking you to avoid completely, but reduce as much as possible. Those drinks are hell lot of calories that will amass weight. Drinking those late in the night is a strict no-no.

Avoid Aerated Drinks

4. Increase Fiber-rich Diet – Improper metabolic activity is the root cause of the increase in weight. Include fibre-rich food grains and vegetables in your diet. And reduce the consumption of food items prepared from fine grains viz. cakes, white bread, cookies etcetera. Opt for whole-grain food preparations in lieu. Once you start consuming such food items, your digestive system will be regulated healthily. Thus, helping you in reducing weight without dieting. 

Increase Fiber-rich Diet

5. Eat More Fruits and Fresh Veggies – Eating more vegetables and fresh fruits will help you in many ways. It will be instrumental in reducing the consumption of other food items. Fibre-rich fruits and vegetables will enhance the digestion process. Most important of all, it will not turn into fat and add up weight. It is advisable to consume only fresh fruits and salads at dinner.

Eat More Fruits and Fresh Veggies

6. Small Frequent Meals – Rather than eating heavy meals, break it into smaller portions and consume it at intervals. Thereby, your body will not be overloaded to break it down. Small portions will be digested easily and absorbed by the body. Further, stop evening and late-night stacks at once. It will be tasty for your tongue but will damage your health, by increasing cholesterol level, fat etc and leading to many health issues in addition to obesity

Small Frequent Meals

7. Lukewarm Water in the Morning – The process towards reducing weight should begin in the morning itself. Drink a glass of lukewarm water, with lemon if possible, in an empty stomach. This will boost the metabolic activities, energize the body organs and rejuvenate you. With the lukewarm water, you are commencing diet control for losing weight. 

Lukewarm Water in the Morning

8. Physical Activity – Hit the gym, start yoga or walk for 45 minutes (minimum) daily. Choose the one that is most suitable according to your work schedule. We all think of starting it tomorrow. However, procrastination plays spoilsport. And then tomorrow never arrives. Start today and continue without indolence. Help your body in breaking heavy food items you have eaten. Exercise is an unavoidable part of reducing weight without dieting. It is rewarding for both your mind and body. It is better to keep away from the crowded place for physical activity. 

Physical Activity

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