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Ischemic Heart Disease Treatment in Kerala- Chelation Therapy for Ischemic Heart Disease

Chelation therapy is in use for ischemic heart disease patients since 1960’s. Chelation therapy exerts it beneficial effects in different ways. 1.Disodium edetate(EDTA) the major drug component of chelation therapy causes slight reduction in ionic calcium. This results in stimulation of Parathyroid hormone production and which in turn causes the mobilization of calcium from vessel walls. 2.EDTA decreases free radical pathology by binding catalytic copper and iron ions which accelerate lipid peroxidation. 3.EDTA transiently reduces platelet aggregability, lowers blood cholesterol, stimulates C-AMP, reduces oxidized metals to their more efficient states which therefore restores enzymes to full activity. This results in increased efficiency of various cellular and physiochemical activities.

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