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Alternative Treatment for Heart Blockage in Kerala - Chelation Therapy for Heart Block, India

The Renew heart program at Bethaniya clinic is a noninvasive holistic treatment program for coronary artery disease (blocks in the arteries of the heart). It consists of EECP treatment, EDTA Chelation therapy, a healthy plant-based diet, stress management, cardiac rehabilitation exercises, and nutrients/supplements. It addresses various risk factors and pathological changes contributing to the development of ischemic heart disease like chronic inflammation, stress, oxidative stress, free radical damage, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, lack of nutrients, accumulation of toxins, etc. The modern medical treatment doesn’t address all these factors and most of the time it consists of more invasive procedures for managing heart disease. We take a detailed history of patients and examine them including familial history, lifestyle, diet, and mental stressors before prescribing the course of heart block treatment. We also perform a detailed investigation to find out various risk factors contributing to coronary artery disease in a patient. The alternative treatment for bypass surgery must be comprehensive enough for the patient to manage the symptoms completely without having the need for any invasive procedures like angioplasty or bypass surgery. A change in lifestyle, dietary regulations, and stress management methods are the main pillars of this treatment approach. As you can understand, the alternative treatment for bypass surgery or alternative treatment for angioplasty needs a lot of commitment from the patient side as well for it to be really effective.

EECP Treatment

EECP stands for Enhanced External Counterpulsation which is a non-surgical procedure, which means you don’t have to undergo surgery and it is a non-invasive procedure done with the help of a machine. It is an alternative method to improve the blood supply to the heart muscle without the patient undergoing surgery. 

Research shows that EECP has reduced or reversed angina pectoris in about 80-90%% of patients. It also resulted in improved exercise ability, less shortness of breath, improved blood flow to the liver and pancreas that means your diabetes becomes easily more controlled. It involves 35 sessions of treatment, each one lasting for one hour. The treatment procedure is very simple like massaging your legs pneumatically. By doing so, blood flow to the heart is increased and hence coronary circulation becomes better. It increases the collateral circulation in the heart.

Another thing about EECP is that it is very very safe! There is almost no downside to it. EECP is a very low-cost treatment. 

According to a study conducted by National Centre for Biotechnology Information, EECP-treated patients had an overall 5-year survival rate of 88 percent, which was equivalent to medical and revascularization therapy. Studies show that a good percentage of people lead a safe and healthy life after the EECP treatment, with no intermediate cardiovascular events or the need for revascularization. 

Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy has been in use for ischemic heart disease patients since the 1960s. Chelation therapy for heart block exerts its beneficial effects in different ways. 1.Disodium edetate(EDTA) the major drug component of chelation therapy for heart block causes a slight reduction in ionic calcium. This results in the stimulation of Parathyroid hormone production and which in turn causes the mobilization of calcium from vessel walls. 2.EDTA decreases free radical pathology by binding catalytic copper and iron ions which accelerate lipid peroxidation. 3.EDTA transiently reduces platelet aggregability, lowers blood cholesterol, stimulates C-AMP, reduces oxidized metals to their more efficient states which therefore restores enzymes to full activity. This results in increased efficiency of various cellular and physicochemical activities.

We will elaborate on chelation therapy for heart block, to give you a clear understanding of this treatment method that is gaining popularity rapidly. Although the intravenous infusion of chelators is the most common process, it can be administered orally also.

Both the young and old generations are going through a critical juncture due to the change in lifestyle and dietary habits. Youngsters are facing serious health issues due to their busy life, stress at the workplace, and improper lifestyle. Accumulation of cholesterol beyond acceptable limits at a young age itself has become new normal. This cholesterol mix with calcium and fat leads to the formation of plaques, leading to heart block.

Moreover, we live in a polluted world. Toxic elements are entering our body through air, food, and water. The body is unable to remove the toxins and heavy metals naturally, thereby creating a blockage in the heart. It will be better if we can overcome the blockage without highly invasive procedures considering the high morbidity of such procedures.
As the number of heart patients is increasing, heart block treatment has become costly over a period. The search for alternative treatment for heart blockage has directed people to utilize this proven method of treatment.

Diet for Cardiac patients

We advise the best healthy diet options for the patient keeping in mind the personal preferences and circumstances of the patient. There is enough evidence available in favor of a low-fat plant-based diet for reversal of heart disease. A Mediterranean diet that comprises whole grains, plenty of vegetables and fruits, fish, etc also is a good option for cardiac patients. The diet might need some modifications based on the comorbidities of the patient as well.

We organize the dietary chart according to the physical conditions, degree of ailment, and health conditions. The inclusion of unrefined sugar or carbohydrate is also permissible in the diet. A fine version of any grain is harmful, as it will be difficult for the body to break it down and digest. Whole grains contain enough carbohydrates and that will be included in the diet of the patient. Together with fruits, vegetables, and leafy vegetables, the person will get enough nutrients to keep the body healthy. Dietary regulation is an unavoidable part of alternative heart blockage treatment.

Salt has to be controlled at any cost. It will increase blood pressure and will affect the treatment adversely. People misconstrue that consumption of eggs can cause increased cholesterol levels. However, it is not a fact in normal individuals. The moderate use of eggs will not affect the body negatively. In fact, it is healthy to have eggs in a moderate quantity.

Consumption of alcohol and coffee has to be controlled strictly. Taken in a controlled quantity, both enhance cardiovascular functions and are good for the body. However, strict self-control must be pursued to prevent the consumption of unacceptable quantities of caffeine and alcohol, thereby damaging the body. Hence, although permissible, the consumption of alcohol, wine, and coffee must be in limited quantity.

Stress management

In conventional medical management for CVD, stress as a contributing factor for the development of atherosclerosis is often neglected. Research has proven that people who are exposed to constant stress as well as those suffering from disorders like Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, etc are at high risk for ischaemic heart disease. Higher activity is seen in the amygdala(a part of the brain) in people with constant stress and this correlates with arterial inflammation.

At Bethaniya clinic we try to identify and eliminate the possible stressors as well as help our patients manage stress in a better way. Meditation can give us a sense of calm, peace, and balance that can benefit both our body and mind. Types of meditation include guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, Tai chi, Transcendental meditation, Yoga, etc.


The heart needs exercise like any other body part. Like our muscles need good exercise to be fit and strong, our heart needs exercise to pump blood smoothly. Regular exercise helps to keep our arteries flexible and maintain normal blood pressure. According to AHA journal circulation, 2.5 lacs deaths in the United States per year can be attributed to inactivity. A regular exercise program will definitely help to bring down LDL and Triglyceride levels and increase HDL levels. Many studies have shown beyond doubt that people who regularly exercise have significantly lower chances for a heart attack. Those patients with heart failure also benefit from regular moderate-intensity exercises.

If you are a chronic heart patient, you should start exercise under the strict guidance of a doctor only. Exercise, yoga, pranayama, nd aerobics are great for maintaining body health. Half an hour of exercise will keep the body energized. It will act as a mini-chelation treatment also. You must find time to work out daily at a specified time. It is better to go for exercise in the morning as the atmosphere will be cool and will have less dust in the early hours.

Gardening at home, go for a walk with friends or practicing pranayama. These things will make you fresh and will reduce stress levels. Unwanted stress overloads the heart, in turn, weakening it. Too much thinking, anxiety about the future,and worries about the job at the office will have a toll on your heart.  


Not only the medicines but also the strong immune system can aid in effective alternative treatment for bypass surgery. The supplements will strengthen the body and support in removing the toxic substances. Therefore, supplements have a vital role to play in heart block treatment. Bethaniya clinic’s expert panel of doctors and medical staff focus on strengthening the patient to fight back and regain the strength. TACT 1 trial has shown that those patients who consumed multivitamin and multi-mineral drug combinations along with chelation, did better compared to patients who only underwent chelation treatment. Supplemental antioxidants are also synergistic with EDTA including Vitamin C, E, beta carotene, Selenium, Coenzyme Q, and a spectrum of B complex vitamins.

Bethaniya Clinic, one of the lifestyle disease preventive centres provides the best alternative treatment for heart block in Kerala. Offering the best heart block treatment in Kerala, we help our patients get rid of all of their nagging symptoms in a short time.

If you want to treat your heart block without angioplasty or an alternative treatment for bypass surgery, contact Bethaniya Clinic and get the excellent heart block treatment in Kerala at a very cost-effective rate.  

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