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Chelation Therapy in Kerala, India - EDTA Chelation Therapy, Thrissur

Chelation therapy involves administration of a chelation agent like EDTA along with multivitamins as multiple intravenous infusions. Drinking polluted water, use of pesticides, air pollution etc increases the level of heavy metals in our body. Many of these heavy metals won’t get excreted normally from our body. The chelation helps to remove heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium etc and excess calcium deposits from the body. From 1960 onwards, chelation therapy started being used for heart diseases in countries like America. Now, Bethaniya Clinic is also providing chelation therapy in Kerala. Providing the best chelation therapy in Kerala, Bethaniya Clinic is known for administering the treatment under careful medical supervision to avoid risks.

cardiovascular disease - current scenario

According to WHO (World Health Organisation); cardiovascular diseases are the major cause of mortality in the world. Modern medicine has advanced a lot in recent years in cardiovascular disease management. But still a lot of patients with CVD risk factors like positive family history, Diabetes, Hypertension, Smoking, etc; succumb to sudden death due to cardiovascular diseases. Most of those who survive a heart attack have to undergo angioplasty or bypass surgery. Many people find this difficult to afford as well as they are scared about the possible complications of open-heart surgery. In this scenario, people are looking for alternative treatment options that can prevent heart attacks as well as improve their symptoms after a heart attack.


Life has become busy and stressful nowadays. Fast-life is one of the main reasons for the rise in cardiovascular problems. We see a lot of youngsters falling prey to medical complications owing to lifestyle issues. Junk food is another factor that is causing medical issues. People understand the implications of the lack of physical activity, unhealthy diet, and raised stress. However, it is not easy to escape from all these due to the competitive global scenario. The only thing we can do is to use natural methods to remove toxic substances from the body cells.

Each person has to be examined in detail to reach the correct diagnosis and prescribe the treatment methodology. The panel of doctors at Bethaniya Clinic will study the physical, familial, and medical history of the patient to ascertain the root cause of the problem. The course of treatment will be formulated subsequently.

what is chelation therapy?

Chelation therapy involves the administration of a chelation agent like EDTA along with multivitamins as multiple intravenous infusions. Drinking polluted water, the use of pesticides, air pollution, etc increases the level of heavy metals in our body. Many of these heavy metals won’t get excreted normally from our bodies. The chelation helps to remove heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, etc, and excess calcium deposits from the body. The EDTA forms a compound with these heavy metals and it is then excreted through the kidney. Usually, patients have to take 30 intravenous infusions twice in a week frequency to complete one course of therapy. Each infusion takes approximately 3-3.5 hours.

history of chelation therapy and scientific evidences

EDTA Chelation treatment has been used to treat lead intoxication since 1940s. It was accidentally found by few doctors that those patients who also had symptoms of heart disease improved after EDTA chelation treatment. Thereafter a lot of people with heart disease underwent chelation therapy in the USA. Many small studies have been done to prove the efficacy of chelation treatment and showed positive results. But mainstream medicine didn’t accept chelation therapy as a treatment modality for heart disease.
Since the patients who tried chelation therapy got positive results, it flourished among alternative medicine practitioners in the USA. As a result, millions of patients in the US and other countries tried this treatment and enjoyed its benefits. Observing the wide popularity of this treatment In 2001 National Institute of Health (NIH) Washington released a request for applications to carry out a definitive clinical trial of chelation with EDTA. As a result TACT 1 study was conducted involving 1708 participants over a period from Sep 2003-Aug 2012. This study shows statistically significant benefits in those patients with a heart attack and Diabetes.
Subsequently, the fame regarding this effective treatment method spread across the world as if wildfire. This has also led to clinics with fake claims on chelation therapy. You need to ensure that the chelation therapy clinic has all qualified medical professionals for prescribing your treatment. You may consult us to know more about the chelation treatment methodology and other related aspects.

Benefits of Chelation Therapy

The studies done so far have found that the maximum benefit of Chelation therapy is observed in Diabetic patients with complications. Chelation therapy is one of the most recommended treatment methods to remove toxic substances from your body and present you with a rejuvenated life.

  1. Reducing symptoms like chest pain, palpitations, breathlessness in patients suffered a heart attack.
  2. To prevent Heart attack
  3. To improve the symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy
  4. Relieves the calf pain, gangrene, discoloration, etc in patients who had reduced blood supply to legs
  5. Heals Diabetic foot ulcer. 
  6. Possible Side Effects
  7. Hypoglycemia
  8. Hypocalcemia
  9. Allergic reactions
  10. Thrombophlebitis
  11. Transient Renal dysfunction

Since chelation therapy has some side effects, it should be taken only under the supervision of a qualified medical professional. Therefore, you should check about the clinics offering chelation therapy in India and discuss with them to confirm their expertise in the field before opting for treatment.

Who can’t take Chelation Therapy?

Patients having

  1. Renal failure (Serum creatinine more than 2)
  2. Chronic Liver disease
  3. Seizure disorder
  4. Hypocalcemia
  5. Allergy to EDTA   

Bethaniya Clinic’s Chelation Therapy in Kerala

A comprehensive course of treatment is necessary for Chelation Therapy to have the best result. We are one of the leading chelation therapy clinics in Kerala. Situated in Thrissur, we find patients from all over the state and abroad arriving for the treatment. The doctors/Staff at Bethaniya Clinic is renowned for their commitment and dedication. Each patient will be analyzed thoroughly before commencing the treatment and administering medication.

Complete recovery of the patient from all types of medical ailments is our goal. We have been successful in achieving that since the beginning. Our team of doctors and professional staff ensure that the patient has a serene stay at our clinic, which is essential for quick and complete cure of the disease.  
Bethaniya Clinic under eminent physician Dr. Griger Cherry Wiliams MBBS, MD(General Medicine), offers high-quality chelation therapy in Kerala understanding priorities and challenges faced by patients and treating them with utmost care and compassion. 

Patients undergoing EDTA chelation treatment or patients taking chelation treatment medicines don't need to get admitted to the hospital/clinic.

The increasing popularity of chelation therapy in India indicates how fruitful it had been for many patients. There are several clinics offering this treatment. Nevertheless, it is advisable to approach only a reputed chelation therapy clinic. As the experience of the medical team is a vital part of curing the patient without any side effects or complications. Chelation therapy uses chelators that will avoid the requirement of major surgeries and complicated treatment processes. Using natural substances for treatment, this methodology is safe, as well as, uncomplicated. You can discuss your medical problem with our experts and finalize the type of treatment you may require. To know more about chelation therapy, the course of treatment, and other aspects, contact us now.



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