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Venous Ulcer Treatment - Varicose Ulcer Treatment in Kerala

Varicose Ulcer or Venous Ulcer is a medical condition due to improper blood circular in the leg. In normal circumstances, the blood that reaches different parts of the body circulates back to the heart. Varicose ulcer occurs in the leg veins when the blood gets accumulated in them, instead of flowing to the heart. The blood thus collected will exert pressure on the vein and rupture them. Causing open wounds, which is called venous ulcer or varicose ulcer. It is a curable condition, however, neglecting the ailment can cause complications. Side parts of the lower leg, ankle areas, and calf are prone to this disease. The healing process of venous ulcers is time-consuming. Many times, the wound may reappear. Proper venous ulcer treatment is necessary to cure the problem completely and reduce the chances of return.

Causes of Venous Ulcer

We have experienced doctors, who have wide experience in treating patients with varicose ulcer. They would examine the patient and study the medical condition thoroughly. The course of varicose ulcer treatment would depend on the physical condition of the patient and the severity of the ailment. 

You may contact us if you want to have more information about the varicose ulcer and the treatment method we follow. Our medical specialists would clear all your queries and concerns prior to commencing the venous ulcer treatment.  

The causes of varicose ulcer are:

1. Obesity – High body weight or uncontrolled BMI is a definite cause for many medical and physical ailments including venous ulcers. Obesity is one of the causes of varicose ulcers.
2. Smoking – As with the case of many other diseases, smoking is one of the main villains here as well. Smokers, especially those who have an obese body, are in the red zone. They possess a high probability of the occurrence of the disease.
3. Leg Injury – Leg injuries may lead to varicose ulcers.
4. Long Hours of Standing or Sitting – This is the cause for an increase in varicose ulcer in the recent period. The jobs in the IT sector and other related industries involve hours of sitting for the individuals. Leading to a varicose ulcer.

Symptoms of Varicose Ulcer

You can consult a doctor in case you observe any symptoms that may indicate varicose ulcer. Varicose ulcer treatment at the early stages would be more effective in treating the problem at the root level.  Some of the symptoms of varicose ulcer are:

  • Skin Patches – Dark red or purple patches on the skin may indicate varicose ulcer or venous ulcer. Those patches would be thick and dry, causing itching.
  • Swelling – Painful swellings, without any other reason, can be due to the underlying varicose ulcer problem.
  • Sores – Red sores with yellow or bloody secretions can indicate varicose ulcer.

The doctors would diagnose the symptoms with naked eyes initially. Additional tests including Ultrasound, Ankle Brachial Index Test, and X-ray imaging would be prescribed to confirm the illness and ascertain the severity.

Venous Ulcer Treatments at Bethaniya Clinic

The varicose ulcer treatments at Bethaniya Clinic that have proven results are:

Ozone Treatment – Ozone Therapy or Ozone Treatment is one of the effective methods for managing varicose ulcers. The treatment helps in eliminating infection and restoring healthy cells.

Stockings – Compression Stockings or Socks are a proven treatment method for improving blood circulation and preventing the recurrence of varicose ulcer. The cost-effective method is suggested by doctors for patients who possess a high probability of return of the disease.

Exercise – We pursue a comprehensive treatment methodology for varicose ulcer, which combines meditation, physical activities, and proper diet. Following a healthy exercise regime suggested by our doctors will help cure the disease at the earliest. The basic aim of physical activities is to maintain good circulation of blood. To prevent blood collection in the lower veins.

Diet – Bioflavonoids are essential for fortifying the veins. Our doctors will provide a dietary chart for the patients. Some of the main food items to include are mango, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, garlic, and capsicum. These are natural sources of Bioflavonoids. It is better to avoid meat from diet to ensure better healing. Many patients develop varicose ulcers due to intolerance to certain proteins.

Herbal Medicines – We believe that nature has the cure for every ailment. We become ill when our lifestyle and food choices contradict the natural way of life. Our organically produced herbal medicines would help eliminate the negative effects and regain a healthy body. By re-energizing the body cells, the herbal medicines would prevent the recurrence of varicose ulcer.  

Chelation – We have specialists with expertise in Chelation Therapy. This treatment method under the guidance of experienced medical specialists would improve blood circulation, expel toxins from the body, and aid in treating venous ulcer.

You can talk to us concerning the treatment of varicose ulcers. We have experience in curing even severe varicose ulcers. We prepare the treatment course depending on the conditions of the patient and do not follow a generic procedure for all the patients.

Our doctors will assess the patient’s health conditions, familial history, degree of varicose ulcer, and other relevant aspects. A panel of doctors would analyze the factors and finalize the course of venous ulcer treatment subsequently.

To know more about our venous ulcer treatment and book an appointment, contact us now.


What is venous ulcer?
Venous Ulcer or Varicose Ulcer is a medical condition due to improper blood circulation. The blood from the legs fails to circulate back to the heart due to varying conditions and gets accumulated in the veins. The increased pressure with the collection of blood leads to wounds and causes venous ulcer.

Can varicose ulcers be cured completely?
Yes. Varicose ulcer or venous ulcer can be cured completely through a comprehensive treatment method. The patients must follow the diet and exercise suggested by the doctor to prevent a recurrence.

What are stockings for varicose ulcer?
Compression stockings or socks are suggested for maintaining blood circulation in the legs. The pressure exerted by the stockings will help circulate the blood from the legs back to the heart. Compression stockings are a cost-effective method for venous ulcers.

How many days are required for curing a varicose ulcer completely?
The time required for curing varicose ulcer would depend on the severity of the ailment and the physical condition of the patient. Hence, it differs.

Why are the cases of venous ulcers increasing nowadays?
Lifestyle is the main villain here. Busy and stressful life, long hours of sitting or standing, smoking habits, and unhealthy diet are the main reasons that led to an increase in venous ulcer cases.

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