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How Effective is Chelation Therapy as an Alternative for Bypass Surgery?

Oct. 23, 2020

Chelation therapy was invented in the 1930s, although it started gaining popularity in the 1960s. The efficacy of Chelation therapy over bypass surgery is still debated.

Bypass Surgery v/s Chelation Therapy

Law of inertia or our reluctance to change may be one of the reasons for more people still opting for bypass surgery. The chelation therapy treatment method uses chelators to expel metallic toxins from the blood. Thereby enhancing blood circulation, which is beneficial for the body. On the other hand, bypass surgery is a complicated process and will depend on the health conditions of the patient.  An expert doctor will examine the patient’s blood pressure, diabetes, and other medical ailments and physical condition prior to deciding upon bypass surgery for him or her. The after-effects of surgery, the long periods of bed rest, limitations in physical activities are additional impacts of bypass surgery.

Benefits of Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy became one of the options for treatment for cardiovascular issues in India in the recent past. Lack of awareness about the principle used for heart block treatment, in this therapy deters many from trying it. Another reason for the low acceptance of this method is the shortage of experienced doctors from the field.

Bethaniya Clinic outperforms others by having a team of expert professionals from the field. Dr. Griger Cherry Wiliams MBBS, MD(General Medicine), the head of Chelation therapy has an unparalleled reputation and success rate in this treatment methodology.   

Comprehensive studies have been undertaken by researchers around the world towards determining the benefits of chelation therapy. Most of the studies indicate chelation therapy as a good alternative treatment for angioplasty. Diabetic patients suffering from complex medical issues can benefit from pursuing this treatment method. The treatment will remove toxic substances and metals from the bloodstream naturally. Thus improving metabolism and rejuvenating body cells.

Chelation therapy is an alternative treatment for bypass surgery and it observed to have the following benefits:

  • As a solution for chest pain, palpitations, and breathlessness in the patients who have suffered a heart attack
  • It can help prevent heart attack
  • The patients with symptoms of diabetic neuropathy can undergo this treatment
  • Help eliminate Calf pain, Gangrene, Discolouration, and similar issues
  • Cure for foot ulcer due to Diabetes

How Effective is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy, as we have seen, is one of the most effective treatments, which will help you avoid Angioplasty. And will act as the alternative treatment for bypass surgery. Regularizing blood circulation can eliminate many of the physical issues. And chelation therapy helps the body attain exactly that.

We are living in a polluted world. Although we understand the adverse effects of air and water pollution and side effects of toxic pesticides on food items, we are unable to reduce it. The pollutants, including toxic substances and heavy metals, enter the body and mix with blood, in turn causing many medical problems. Chelation therapy is one of the most natural ways to remove foreign toxic substances from the body.

At the same time, you should undergo the treatment under the guidance of an expert doctor only. The doctor will check your physical conditions, the severity of the ailment, medical history, and genetic peculiarities before prescribing the treatment and finalizing the course. The chelation treatment under an inexperienced doctor can turn problematic.

You may talk to our doctors if you are searching for an alternative treatment for angioplasty. The team of doctors and professionals at Bethaniya Clinic, under the leadership of doctor Dr. Griger Cherry Wiliams MBBS, MD(General Medicine),  has been successful in completing Chelation Therapy on a number of patients.

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